A Rattle? A Squeak? Lights on the dash? We can fix it all!
  • Complete Brake Repairs
  • Emissions (check engine light)
  • Steering & Suspension

Foreign & Domestic

The Go To Guys
  • Tune Ups / Performance
  • Electrical Problems
  • All Major & Minor Repairs

All Makes & Models

If it has four wheels and a gasoline engine, then we work on it, and if we work on it, then we can fix it! (That’s not to say however, that we won’t work on it if it has 6 wheels, or a diesel engine!)

The Go to Guys is your one stop shop, for all of your automotive repair needs.
From regular maintenance, to pesky emissions problems, to tires, brakes, suspension work, and on, we’re here to help. There’s never a charge for us to just take a look, and give our opinion. We’re committed to keeping your vehicle safe and reliable.